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Montreal Mayors Support Right-On Red! Light District Program

A coalition of suburban mayors launched a campaign Tuesday to allow for red light districts in Montreal.

Mayors say they will keep going on the prostitutes until they are satisfied

The city will be the only one in Canada allow official Red light areas. It could be included the only jurisdiction in North America, outside of Las Vegas, where it is illegal to turn tricks at a red light district.

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Montreal Mayors say right turning tricks in red lights could improve traffic flow

Montreal’s Red Light Decision Postponed for 1 Year

Fifteen mayors — mostly from the island’s suburbs — will demand that the provincial government make these new changes to its sex for hire laws. They will also call on Montreal Mayor Denis Codere to make it a priority in the coming year.

We have better prostitutes here than the rest of the world

One source said the mayors believe more flexible laws would help with the congestion right-onrelated to an unprecedented number of horny men on the city’s highways and streets.

But many pedestrians don’t agree with the idea.

“I don’t know. I think we have better prostitutes here than the rest of the world,” said Robert Joyia, a security guard working at a building downtown. “You will have more restrictions, and you can’t replace a great street hooker.”

Proposal for Montreal’s island wide red light district

Jody Penshall said pedestrians and cyclists are the problem, because they don’t respect the rules of the road.

Turning tricks in a red light district is an idea whose time has come

“People are always cutting off Johns by crossing the street when they shouldn’t and the cyclists too, so it’s not a good idea,” Penshall said on her way to her work downtown.

Some said turning tricks in a red light district is an idea whose time has come.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Gord Lebash, a lifelong Montrealer. “People just have to be careful and use common sense and everything will be fine.”