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Results of the MyDemocracy.ca survey allowed the Trudeau Govt to cancel Electoral reform

Survey results showed Canadians want their politicians to be accountable – so Trudeau Cancelled election reform.

Maryam Monsef and Dominic LeBlanc – The biggest challenge for the multi-million dollar committee was determining is it – Electoral Reform or Electorial Reform?

Some election promises are made by parties who don’t expect to get elected. When they do they get stuck with a silly platform promise that they don’t or can’t fulfill. The Liberal party is great at handing out money to spend but not so great at getting things done.

In the election Prime Minister Trudeau presented Electoral Reform as a critical need for Canadians. Then he got elected without it. Why would he want it now?

 The vague questions in the survey resulted in vague answers. This gave Trudeau way out.

They tried to throw it under the bus by using a cross party committee to make the plan. They got caught however, when the plan had some good ideas that would make it work.

They tried trashing the plan in parliament, but backfired on them as calling people smarter than you “stupid” usually does. So they took it to the people with the MyDemocracy.ca survey.

It cost millions to stage and promote but it got the results the Liberals desired. A mess of confusing information that could be interpreted any way they like.

The results from the Liberal MyDemocracy.ca survey on electoral reform were meant to validate Prime Minister Trudeau’s vision on election reform.

Problem is he never communicated what his vision is and Canadian’s doing really like playing charades.

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MyDemocracy.ca Survey Results

The full report on the results have not been released but here are some of the things that have been released:

  • 85% of respondents were Millennials under 30 years old. 45% of these were under the voting age of 18.
  • 63% preferred using a Facebook style “LIKE” instead of checking a box on a voting ballot.
  • 75% said that Looks and Style should be included in the selection process not Race or Sex.
    •  Meaning: They want to get away from the sexist move towards an equal mix of males and females in government and racist minority mixes. They feel this is a move catering to the Oppression Olympics.
    •  They prefer a balance of styles. Stating there is a complete lack of of Culinary Explorers, Nostalgics, and Millennial Marthas. They feel the same for shutouts, Travel Enthusiasts and underemployed. Problem is if they joined the government they would lose their identity.  
  • 57% Preferred Small parties to big (It should have said “Political Parties” but didn’t so it was interpreted as liking public gatherings – the reason behind the recent Trudeau town hall meeting tour)
  • 98% Canadians want their politicians to be more accountable (Surprised?) – so Prime Minister Trudeau cancelled election reform.


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