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The Reason Justin Trudeau had NYE Celebrations on Parliament Hill Cancelled

It’s Not The Cold, It’s the Potential of Harm From Security Technology.

Reason NYE on Parliment will was cancelled
Trudeau agreed that NYE should be cancelled for public safety.

In the summer of 2017 security was beefed up for public events in many countries. In Canada two big summer events with maximum security were; the Charles and Camila Royal tour and the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

They were bombarded by EMF Radiation from all sides

The security on Canada Day in Ottawa was slow and disorganized. Tens of thousands of people waited up to 8 hours in the streets around the hill trying to get through the security to the event. If terrorists had attempted an attack, these people would have been sitting ducks.

Canadians Bombarded by EMF
On Canada Day Canadians were bombarded by EMF Radiation for many hours

Instead they were more like roast ducks. As they waited they were bombarded by Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) from all sides. The metal detectors and scanners as they passed through the security tent, thousands of cell phones and police radios, wireless from computers. Plus technology hidden behind the scenes, scanning for potential threats and large microwave dishes for communication.

On their own the government says they are safe, but when they are used together and for hours bombard people of all ages – including young children and babies – it is another story.

Police, military and security officers working in the area wore Film Badge Dosimeter tags like those used by staff in nuclear reactors. These measure the amount of radiation they have been exposed to over time. They were able to leave the area before they had reached unhealthy doses. The spectators waiting in line were not aware and some waited in the area for up to 8 hours.


Tags measure Exposure to High Levels of EMF Radiation at Events
Only Police and security staff wore Dosimeter tags to show when they had too much exposure to EMF.

So now with New Years Eve celebrations on the Hill they have the added issue of winter clothes. The sub zero temperatures mean that everyone will have heavy winter hats, mitts, coats, boots – clothes that make personal searches very slow. Many of the hidden scanners will have to be turned up to penetrate the extra layers and this will add to the dangerous amounts of EMF people will be exposed to.

This is why the decision was made to stop the main stage events and stick to events that do not rely on high security to protect a crowd like fireworks and skating. May be on of Justin Trudeau’s best decisions.