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Trump’s America 1st Policy Hits 2017 Oscars. Takes Revenge On Streep

President Trump’s new policy takes Oscar front-runners Florence Foster Jenkins and Manchester by the Sea out of running.

When Meryl Streep criticized Donald Trump at the Golden Globes she could not have imagined what President Trump had in store for her. He has flipped her industry on it’s ear and thrown any hope for a Streep Oscar out the window.

La La Land the only Oscar front runner that fits new criteria for Best Film category

President Trump went beyond implementing a policy promoting films produced in America. He is insisting that the 2017 Oscar Awards Fall follow the policy too.

LA LA Land a shoe-in for Best Picture Oscar now!

This means any movie not 100% American will be in the Foreign Film Category. This includes American actors that are in foreign made productions. 90% of the movies will fall into the  Foreign Film category.

The new policy says films must be 100% American made or face heavy foreign film taxes. Is including the Oscars Propaganda?  Read More >

Oscar Organizers are not sure if they can meet Trump’s wishes for the 2017 Awards. Most of the voting for nominations is done and there is no time for Academy members to start again with new films. There may be a lot of empty categories and surprise winners.

Front runner for Best Picture Florence Foster Jenkins and Manchester by the Sea will be out of the running. The only major film left that fits the Trump criteria is LA LA Land and it was to be in the Best Musical category.

Changing the Oscars will only give Black Movies a bigger audience

There is no response yet from Meryl Streep – the obvious Trump target with nominations expected in Best actress, and Best Movie for Florence Foster Jenkins.

Reaction of Trump supporters is mixed; “We like bringing the jobs back to America but changing the Oscars will only give Black Movies a bigger audience.”