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Trump Mass Deportations leave pet lovers horrified. Fear cities will be overrun with animals.

President Trump’s mass deportation of 8 Million people could result in 3-4 million stray pets roaming cities – or worse.


Pet lovers worldwide are horrified as they know that President Trump’s mass Deportation plan does not include pets. Roughly 36% of households have dogs (1.6 / household) and 30% cats (2.1 / per household) (Read More>) plus birds, fish, lizards, snakes, turtles, horses,  and chickens.

There could be over 3 million homeless pets let loose across the country. Worse – there could be over 3 million pets to be exterminated.

Either way the results will be extremely sad. Local communities and animal shelters will be overrun trying to manage. Finding the funds to pay for looking after them will be a huge challenge.

Now is the time to act to get enough resources before it happens.

There are many hidden costs to Trump’s deportation plans – pets, property, jobs. It is hoped people realize this and end the plan before the price and number of victims become too large.


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