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Police Raid Montreal Pot Stores-Will There be Protests?

¬†Montreal police raided city’s new pot outlets and made arrests, while shoppers stood idly by. Could this be the end of public protests?

Shoppers braved the cold for a chance to shop in a new pot stores, could this help ignite protests?

In the spring of 2012 every day, thousands of people with pot in hand would flood into downtown streets in protest. It stopped suddenly and 4 years later seems a distant memory.¬† There hasn’t been a pot protest since.

This week things changed when 6 pot stores opened in Montreal with the goal of open sales to all. Within 24hrs Police had closed the pot stores down and made arrests.

Police raided Pot stores within 24 hours of opening

Although pot use is common and accepted among Canadians, Police in this city don’t tolerate open sales. With every loud and aggressive pot protest in 2012 Police made thousands in overtime pay. So it is surprising that they shut down pot stores now making future protests challenging.

With this crackdown on the pot supply will we ever see protests in the city again? Makes us ask: can millennials have a pot free protest?

Take away the pot and do you still have a motivated protester?