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President Trump can’t stop Putin’s new “legal” attack on American Businesses!

Putin’s Russian legal team has begun targeting Automakers, Social media, and power companies through class action suits.

Putins Russian Lawyers attack USA
Putin is using cutthroat lawyers to attack America through it’s own legal system

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pulled together a team of lawyers to turn America’s legal system against it’s businesses, and Trump can’t stop it.

After months of research Russian lawyers working in America have found 3 class action lawsuits to attack businesses with. Putin calls them “Clash” Action Suits.

 First they will be going after US car makers focusing on injuries from distracted drivers.

Each day in the United States, over 8 people are killed and 1,161 injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. Much of it is due to talking on phones and eating or drinking. In the past lawyers tried to sue cellphone companies or restaurants with takeout food and drive thru’s with no luck.

Now car makers are partnering with consumer electronics companies to give drivers a fully “wired” experience with in car technology.

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Samsung Partners With German Carmakers Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi

Samsung to buy car tech company Harman for $8 billion

They want their cars to take over what smart phones are doing now.    This means they are consciously doing things to make drivers more distracted.

Old style control knobs could be manipulated by touch alone, but you need to look at touch screens to find the right screen and button. 

The Russians  expect and easy road to get their law suit certified.  The suit could be worth 100’s of $ billions and cause car companies to redesign their cars.

Read More: In 2013, 424,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver

The second point of the Russian legal attack will be social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

The initial social media websites were prevented from charging fees for using them. Governments were unsure of where the future of the internet lay but they wanted to keep access to websites relatively free.

This decision led to huge profits for the sites they would never have collected through fees. Their profits come from using the detailed information they collect from users and selling it to advertisers.

Advertisers can’t get this type of information from traditional types of advertising on television and in print so they will spend more on targeted social media ads.

Russian Class action suit against social media
Social media website collect billions of bits of information they can resell to advertisers at a premium

The angle the Russians are using for their lawsuit is that the companies are collecting $ billions more in profit than the value of website is giving members. It is a sliding scale in the Russian Lawyers favor. The more data they collect the more ads they sell at a higher price to advertisers.

Imagine President Trump’s reaction if Twitter was shut down

Selling more ads takes away from the user’s experience. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are publicly traded so they have been focusing more on shareholder profits than added value to members.

A class action suit would wreak havoc on the internet. If 100’s of millions of members sued Facebook they could go bankrupt or have to stop collecting info and selling ads. Imagine President Trump’s reaction if Twitter was shut down.

Law suit for electric shock
Who hasn’t been shocked or worried about it? A class action suit that included every single American citizen (and the married ones too) would be groundbreaking


The third Russian lawsuit would be against power companies

Who hasn’t been shocked by electricity? Wall sockets don’t come with warnings but appliances do. Why are power companies exempt from responsibility for electric shocks?  In the past they argued that electrical safety is common knowledge but  when people get  $ millions from McDonalds for coffee burns the situation changes.

Electric companies worry about making the power grid crash crash but legal action against every American electric company would be worse.

The Russian legal team is just finding opportunities to turn the American Legal system against itself. President Trump can’t prevent that from happening.