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President Trump Reveals The Alternative facts About Clean Coal

President Trump will  make America surpass China in coal use

The dirty American coal industry was in decline until this week when President Trump enacted policy to support clean coal.  What clean coal is has been a secret until today when President Trump revealed the details.

Clean coal is fun, safe and clean.


   “Clean Coal, to be honest, is coal that is incredibly clean, hugely clean, and believe me, I will create a tremendous amount of jobs for Americans with Clean Coal.”

“I understand how it works better than anyone and believe me it does not pollute, does not pollute like that nasty coal in China.”

“Folks, everyone in America can benefit greatly from my  Clean Coal programs, believe me”.

“And don’t be fooled by the media liars who say coal is dirty.”

“They have been fooled by the Chinese and their Global warning stories”   

President Trump will return coal use to the mainstream. All Americans will share the benefits

For years people mistakenly thought that coal was too dirty and too harmful to use.  Now that Clean Coal is understood America will be able to catch up to China’s coal use and the advantages it provides them

China faked Global Warning to get an advantage over US businesses
Clean Coal the difference is obvious

Don Cherry reacts to Trump Forcing Canadian NHL’ers out of US

One of the President Trumps first actions hits Canadians right in the heart – Hockey

We can’t wait until Don Cherry officially reacts to this one.

President Trump’s America First policy means that Canadian NHL players can’t work full time for American teams. American  NHL players only take up 15% of the league, so filling US teams will be a challenge.

Don’t mess with my good Canadian Boys!

Don Cherry has always been a fighter, but it is hard to take a piece out of a president without getting arrested or worse. So we will wait to see what Cherry has to say about this in the next Hockey Night In Canada broadcast.

Imagine Sydney Crosby or Jonathan Toews playing for Team USA at The Olympics?

The full extent of the policy is not yet known but here are a few things we would like to get Cherry’s reaction to:

  •  There are more Canadian players in the US than the teams in Canada can carry – will they be unemployed? Will they go to Europe?
  • Some Player’s could take US Citizenship – What does Cherry think of Sydney Crosby or Jonathan Toews  playing for Team USA at The Olympics?
  • What will be the reaction to Toronto fans / Leafs Nation when they lose Auston Matthews?
  • What will the TV Broadcasters do with their huge contracts – can they sue?
  • What happens when American Minor league pros, college players and the National team get called up to the NHL. Who will replace them in the minor leagues?
  • Will Some US Teams fold due to lack of quality players?
  • Can Canadians take Scholarships from US colleges?

The NHL League office has not yet reacted to this new policy. It will be interesting to see how American Hockey fans react when their teams are decimated.


Don Cherry and Donald Trump have many similarities – and a lot of differences

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Trump Inauguration Boosts Some Sectors of the Economy

 Shares in defense equipment manufacturers – specifically in the anti protest sector – ended strong after President Trump’s inauguration.

Tear Gas / Pepper Spray stock jumped 25% in less than 3 hours

A divided America and President Trump’s attitude towards opposition is expected to drive a boom in sales of riot control equipment.

Trump’s offensiveness and the ability of Americans to take a beating mean record sales


Defense Technology Inc. a large producer of Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, Body Armour and Batons saw a 25% increase in it’s shares within hours of President Trump taking the oath of office.

President Trump’s personality has a positive effect on certain sectors of the economy

Company officials say they have been working overtime since the election to meet demand for their products. “Between Trump’s offensiveness and the ability of Americans to take a beating from Riot Squads and keep going, we expect to have record sales for the next 4 years” “Even before he was elected Trump has had a real effect on the America”


Day 1 Scandal – President Trump Listed the White House on Airbnb!

Not sure if it was Airbnb or the Secret Service but this  $70 Million scandal was quickly covered up

White House rentals through Airbnb could have made  President Trump over $70 million per year

People checking the Airbnb site Saturday morning were completely shocked to find the White House posted on the apartment rental website. With 16 bedrooms at  $12,000 per night would have brought in millions in rentals. Even more money than many of Trump’s own hotels make.

The listing was quickly taken down. It’s not clear if Trump’s team or Airbnb removed it.

Melania refused to live in the White House, her heart was set on the big Domed White Palace

The problem began when President Trump and his wife Melania first visited Washington after the election. They had never been to Capital Hill before and Donald was excited to show his wife the Domed White Palace that they would be living in.  They had always thought domed Capital Building was the White House.

Trump the Washington outsider was looking forward to living in the Domed White Palace

This was why the meeting between President Elect Trump and President Obama took so long. They were trying to convince Melania to move into the real White House.

She said it was too old, too small, and too creepy. Insiders say she just didn’t want to spend that much time around Donald as President.

Trump not one to miss a business opportunity decided to make some money on the situation. He felt that there would be enough rich people that wanted to meet him that he could book the White House solid every night.

So far the first Trump scandal has been covered up. More are expected shortly.