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Midwest Airports staff take Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” orders literally, passengers were terrified!

Another case of President Trump’s direction without details goes off the rails.

It seems that in the Midwest  they follow the original definition of vetting:

 “To vet was originally a horse-racing term, referring to the requirement that a horse be checked for health and soundness by a veterinarian before being allowed to race. Thus, it has taken the general meaning “to check.”

So when security staff decided to be proactive and give the President what he wanted to Make America Great Again, they gave a new definition to the term “Arm’s length Relationship.”

The initial passengers were open and willing to tell anything while undergoing the search. After they were horrified and speechless about the treatment they received.

Vetting has a number of definitions –  airport officials picked the worst one.

Luckily for others the vets were called away to help sick animals. Local medical experts say nothing important was found in the searches but the passengers may have to wait a long time before they can sit comfortably again.


Trump’s America 1st Policy Hits 2017 Oscars. Takes Revenge On Streep

President Trump’s new policy takes Oscar front-runners Florence Foster Jenkins and Manchester by the Sea out of running.

When Meryl Streep criticized Donald Trump at the Golden Globes she could not have imagined what President Trump had in store for her. He has flipped her industry on it’s ear and thrown any hope for a Streep Oscar out the window.

La La Land the only Oscar front runner that fits new criteria for Best Film category

President Trump went beyond implementing a policy promoting films produced in America. He is insisting that the 2017 Oscar Awards Fall follow the policy too.

LA LA Land a shoe-in for Best Picture Oscar now!

This means any movie not 100% American will be in the Foreign Film Category. This includes American actors that are in foreign made productions. 90% of the movies will fall into the  Foreign Film category.

The new policy says films must be 100% American made or face heavy foreign film taxes. Is including the Oscars Propaganda?  Read More >

Oscar Organizers are not sure if they can meet Trump’s wishes for the 2017 Awards. Most of the voting for nominations is done and there is no time for Academy members to start again with new films. There may be a lot of empty categories and surprise winners.

Front runner for Best Picture Florence Foster Jenkins and Manchester by the Sea will be out of the running. The only major film left that fits the Trump criteria is LA LA Land and it was to be in the Best Musical category.

Changing the Oscars will only give Black Movies a bigger audience

There is no response yet from Meryl Streep – the obvious Trump target with nominations expected in Best actress, and Best Movie for Florence Foster Jenkins.

Reaction of Trump supporters is mixed; “We like bringing the jobs back to America but changing the Oscars will only give Black Movies a bigger audience.”



Trump MAGA Policy Shocks Academy – Oscar Nominations a Mess

President Trump’s Make America Great Again policies are having wide ranging effects including Hollywood Oscar Contenders.

Academy Lawyers are scrambling to save the 2017 awards – Everything is a foreign film!

It’s being called Trump’s revenge on Meryl Streep and other Hollywood stars.The new policy forces Hollywood studios to make movies 100% American or they will be hit with high taxes.

“Movies should be written, directed, filmed and acted by Americans exclusively and filmed within US Borders.” ” No more American Western films made in Canada or Mexico, they can make their own films.” “We need to keep movie jobs in America”

Academy insiders are calling this Trump propaganda

President Trump’s team has contacted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to implement this change for the upcoming 2017 Oscar Awards.

In Trump’s view if a movie is not 100% American made then it should be in the Foreign Film Category. Academy insiders are calling this Trump propaganda and are consulting their lawyers to see what they can do.

 “Most of the voting for the 2017 Oscars are completed and nominations will be announced soon. If we have to make changes now the whole show will be a shambles!”


Past Trump tweets gave a hint of what was coming

Academy Lawyers are checking on options to save this years award show but the decision ultimately goes to the movie studios who are implicated financially.

The 2017 Oscars are for movies made in the past few years and released in 2016. “We asked – If the policy effects awards for movies released in 2016 does it mean we will owe taxes for these movies?” “They said they hadn’t thought of that yet – it’s just details.” 

This could turn out to being the most watched Oscar program in years – just don’t talk about the attendance numbers.



Day 1 Scandal – President Trump Listed the White House on Airbnb!

Not sure if it was Airbnb or the Secret Service but this  $70 Million scandal was quickly covered up

White House rentals through Airbnb could have made  President Trump over $70 million per year

People checking the Airbnb site Saturday morning were completely shocked to find the White House posted on the apartment rental website. With 16 bedrooms at  $12,000 per night would have brought in millions in rentals. Even more money than many of Trump’s own hotels make.

The listing was quickly taken down. It’s not clear if Trump’s team or Airbnb removed it.

Melania refused to live in the White House, her heart was set on the big Domed White Palace

The problem began when President Trump and his wife Melania first visited Washington after the election. They had never been to Capital Hill before and Donald was excited to show his wife the Domed White Palace that they would be living in.  They had always thought domed Capital Building was the White House.

Trump the Washington outsider was looking forward to living in the Domed White Palace

This was why the meeting between President Elect Trump and President Obama took so long. They were trying to convince Melania to move into the real White House.

She said it was too old, too small, and too creepy. Insiders say she just didn’t want to spend that much time around Donald as President.

Trump not one to miss a business opportunity decided to make some money on the situation. He felt that there would be enough rich people that wanted to meet him that he could book the White House solid every night.

So far the first Trump scandal has been covered up. More are expected shortly.