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The possible reason Montreal Police left 300 Cars Stranded on Hwy 13

Snow covered cars make driver profiling impossible, witnesses say Police leave people on road overnight rather than take risks with visible minorities.

Cars stranded on Hwy 13 Montreal
Montreal Police and SQ left 300 cars stranded on the hwy overnight

In a year that has started with many allegations of racist police profiling  things may not be getting better for police. When the biggest store of the year led to a major accident on Hwy 13 over 300 vehicles were left stranded.

Normally  if the cars were stuck for more than a few hours, then police would take steps to remove occupants of the cars to shelter. Witnesses say Police began to go car to car directing drivers to drive in the wrong direction so they could take the Cote des Neiges exit. Then they stopped.

Police have been relying on profiling to proactively arrest black people prior to committing their crimes.

Those on site said the police stopped removing the cars when they became so snow covered that they could not see inside and profile the drivers. They said they were short staffed because of the storm and did not want to be surprised by cars with black people without backup.  They decided to leave the people stranded on the highway until they could get backup.

Montreal Police and SQ have long been accused of racism by relying on profiling to proactively arrest black people prior to committing their crimes.  In this case it backfired as it prevented them from doing their job in such a public situation – the Blizzard of 2017.

No comments have been made from the Center on Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR), or the Montreal Mayors Office.


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