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CBC Announces Winter 2018 Premiere of Hoarder Reality Show

New CBC Show Recognizes Hoarding has Reached Epidemic Proportions in Canada

Snow Hoarding
Snow Hoarding has reached epidemic proportions in Canada this winter

CBC has announced a new reality show to be added to its winter lineup in 2018. Snow Hoarders will try to capture the ugly reality of Canadian Hoarders.

Host Walter Windchill said “Recent studies have shown over 80% of Canadians admit they have too much snow, but are powerless to get rid of it. In many homes, backyards, and driveways are overflowing with the cold white substance and seemingly overnight they bring in more.” He explained, “Each show we will try to expose Canadians to the cold truth of  Snow Hoarding. The may seem like flakes but we want to help them.”

Snow Hoarding
Pelee Island man uses fridges to hoard snow

In the show’s premiere two hoarders are focused on. One, a man living at Canada’s most southerly and snow free point – Pelee Island – uses hundreds of refrigerators to collect snow. The other is a woman who began hoarding after a surprise divorce. She uses her stockpile of snow to build thousands of snowmen. Perhaps trying to make the perfect husband to put her frosty divorce behind her.

Snow Hoarders
Woman uses hoarded snow to build thousands of snowmen


Early reviews by critics say this new show will take the country by storm.






Trump fires Schwarzenegger, wants Hillary Clinton to host The Apprentice.

Hillary Clinton was Donald Trump’s first choice to replace him as host of The Apprentice, with Schwarzenegger out he has asked her again.

Hillary Clinton would be the first female host of a reality TV show.

With Donald Trump firing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the host of The Apprentice (definitely not an arms length relationship with the show) Trump needs to quickly find a replacement. He has gone back to his surprise first choice for the role – Hillary Clinton.

Behind the scenes the Donald Trump and the Clintons have renewed the close relationship they had before the election. Trump has been looking to support them as his election attacks on the Clinton Foundation have caused donations to dry up. This has greatly reduced the Clinton’s income.

Trump has been using Bill Clinton as a paid consultant to his team. His mastery of Double Speak (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Read More>)

has helped President Trump’s team deal with the media on the allegations about their relationship with Russia.

Now Trump has gone back to Hillary with an offer to host The Apprentice again. We should know shortly if she accepts. Original Story: Trump To Make Clinton New Host of The Apprentice

Other choices – following the “I keep my friends close and my enemies closer philosophy” include:

  • Meryl Streep – who Trump wants to play host as her character Miranda Priestly from the film The Devil Wears Prada (weird idea as this is a reality show)
  • Alec Baldwin – I would get him off Saturday Night live – but he is rumored to want to do the show in character as Trump. The real Trump may agree to this if the ratings continue to dip.
  • Micheal Scott  -From The Office, Trump was heard to ask for him by name. It is thought that he thinks it is a reality show and does not realize Scott is played by actor Steve Carell.
The fight for ratings means that the “reality” show The Apprentice could have Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, or Steve Carell in character as the show’s host  


Alec Baldwin’s impression of Trump is a step towards him running in 2020 Election