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Refugees Cross Canadian border during blizzard – was it a Trump Plan?

A stampede of refugees used a spring blizzard as cover to cross the Canadian Border from New York State. The question is who organized it?

Refugees Cross Canadian Border From New York
Refugees leave their cars and make a run for it at the Lacolle Quebec border area

During a raging spring blizzard on March 14th refugees stampeded across the Canada US  border from New York State to Lacolle Quebec. This is the first time since Donald Trump became President that a significant number of refugees crossed the border into Canada.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands are believed to have made it across

Authorities are questioning whether this is a sign of things (refugee numbers) to come and wonder who helped organize this group of border jumpers.

Prior to this refugees jumping the border were limited to a few a day. Yesterday under cover of the storm hundreds, perhaps thousands are believed to have made it across.

With numbers like this is it is clear they were organized. What not clear is was it done in the US or Canada?

A police roadblock and white-outs from the blizzard caused refugees to abandon their cars and run for the border.

American refugees entering Canada through official border crossings will be returned to America as per border treaties. If they enter by crossing the open border they can stay and seek refugee status.

 Refugees have been making the border crossing individually or in small family groups. Earlier this week a refugee came close to death by attempting the crossing in sub zero weather. Mamadou’s nightmare: One man’s brush with death crossing U.S.-Quebec border.

 This has lead border authorities to suspect that these refugees had help and organization to attempt the crossing when they did in such numbers.

  Refugees purposely crashed the cars to keep the border security patrols busy

Rather than walking long distances through the snowy wilderness they drove close to the border in cars and used the storm for cover as they ran across the last fields and crossed the border.

  Refugees purposely crashed the cars to keep the border security patrols busy while they ran the short distance across the border.

The border in this area is not secured by walls or regular border patrols but it is under heavy electronic surveillance. Sensors, cameras and drones collect data and send it to intelligence centers where the border is closely monitored.

Some were convinced that President Trump organized this to promote his border security plans

During the blizzard many of the cameras drones and sensors were not 100% functional so identifying the situation took loner than usual. When border patrols were dispatched, they had to contend with the blizzard as well.

Driving was slow and many of the cars purposely crashed their cars to block the patrols from reaching them. No one was seriously hurt but many crossed the border untouched.

The questions to be answered are:

  • Who organized so many refugees to cross at the same time?
  • How did they know the surveillance technology was not working in the storm?
  • Who owned the cars that they used and crashed?

It’s also unclear if the organization came from the American side or Canadian. Some were convinced that President Trump organized this to promote his border security plans. Others thought that Prime Minister Trudeau had the border guards turn a blind eye to allow more of the valuable refugees into the county.

Canada US Border Surveillance Technology
Scanners, Cameras, Motion/Heat/Sound detectors and Drones are key to patrolling the Canada USA border

Trump mass deportations -Travel companies with apps will make $billions

 President Trump’s plan to quickly deport millions of families will cost $billions. This provides an opportunity for travel companies with effective apps to make huge profits.

UberAir apps will find loads for the thousands of underused aircraft in the world by hauling the deportation victims out of America.

President Trump’s new executive order could mass deport over 8 Million people. Insiders estimate that the cost of arrest, detainment, and transportation will cost America at least $5,000 each or $40,000,000,000!

When it comes to deportations, the standard for efficiency was set by Germany in the 1940’s

This requires staff, equipment and facilities that the American government does not have. They don’t want to spend billions on a project they will complete in a few years. The final solution will come from fast adapting travel companies. An instant gold rush for companies who have the technology and flexibility to supply these resources under contract. UberCuff, Airbednbars, and even the Trump Organization are acting fast to cash in on the spending spree.

Hauling offenders to the station is not a great use of Police resources. UberCuff is looking for long term military police opportunities after the victims are deported.

How it works – The Arrest:

The Department of Homeland Security will hire a large force of officers to investigate and arrest the illegal families (another large expense). They will have an UberCuff app to call up the closest armed detainment vehicle, of the right size, to haul deportees to the nearest detainment center. The app will sort them and they will be held until there is a full load to deport.

Google Location and phone provider tracking technology could give Homeland Security valuable information to easily locate their targets. Wireless companies are losing these customers anyway so it will be a last chance to make some money off them. They might also be able to work out a deal to get the phone back for resale.

How it works – Sorting and Detention:

Like UberCuff, Airbednbars has the ability to use applications to provide detention centers.They can hold and sort the families with maximum efficiency and lowest cost to the American Government.

The Airbednbars  app will manage vacancies cell in jails, and prisons nationally. Motel chains are considering temporarily converting their rooms to holding cells to get in on the deportee gold rush as well.

They can manage the vacancies for all available detention centers nationally and make them available as soon as the victims are arrested. They are also sourcing cheaper facilities in Mexico and Canada.

Dropping off a planeload during a full blown Somalia famine is not a cakewalk!

When it comes to deportations, the standard for efficiency was set by Germany in the 1940’s. ” We would love to do things as well as they did but they had it easier using trains for shipping and the loads all went to the same destination.”  “We have families who came from the Middle East, South America, and Africa. Dropping off a planeload during a full blown Somalia famine is not a cakewalk, but with modern technology and the right funding it can be done.”    

Other business opportunities:

  • What will happen to their personal belongings after the arrest? The producers of reality shows  could be interested. Storage Wars could auction it off but the government would want a share in the profits,the Trump Organization would want the broadcast rights. Some have suggested that producers of Hoarders could use their connections to manage the belongings for free.
  • Medical Tourism. Returning empty planes is not cost effective. With the cancellation affordable healthcare Americans could travel to third world counties for their medical treatments and save.
  • Destiny Diets. A new trend where people travel to places with a lack of food (Sudan) or food that they don’t like (China). It forces them to loose weight without challenging their willpower.
  • Legal Immigration. Deporting millions of workers will lead to large levels of unemployment in certain sectors. Immigration numbers will have to be greatly increased, applications fast tracked to replace the workers. These travel companies could be used to bring them in.   Trump’s new deportation rules could cost the economy trillions! Read More>

The cost of properly figuring out where to deport them to could take months. To save on costs Homeland Security will use profiling apps to quickly separate the families into loads based on race, religion, and citizenship. Within days – even hours they could be on a plane leaving the country.

As Trump Airlines 2.0 DonAir will focus on government contracts and refugee charters rather than commercial airlines. Trump’s team feel the name is enough different to keep it at arm’s length from the President.

How it works – Shipping:

Two companies seek contracts to supply planes for the deportation – UberAir and DONAIR (a division of the Trump Organization). UberAir has the apps that will make the process efficient. UberAir apps will take real time inventories at the detention centers and match them to available airplanes. Once they have a load that fits the available planes they can ship it.  The app will also send reports back to the arresting agents informing them of demographic gaps that are holding up current shipments.

DONAIR does not have the apps but it has the connections politically and through it’s investors. It is predicted that UberAir will only get the contract if they share the app technology with President Trump’s company.

Under Trump’s orders, however, everyone will be detained. The mandatory detention of all undocumented immigrants would cost $902 million a year, or $9 billion over a decade. Read More>

Trump’s plan is to ship refugees back to countries devastated by famines. By dumping thousands in the disasters unfolding Somalia, Sudan and Yemen President Trump is certain these Muslims won’t come back.

How it works – after:

The Trump team wants to make sure they have a one time Final Solution to insure the  families don’t return to America. In many cases the country they are shipped to will take care of it through things like – government oppression / violence or natural disasters such as the famine in Africa.

Others will be trickier, but many have been working in America and have great skills they could be shipped to countries that would value them and support them.

As many as 6 million people could be deported back to Mexico. It is rumored that Prime Minister Trudeau wants them in Canada. Low cost skilled labour, coupled with the low Canadian dollar and abundant natural resources could make Canada a manufacturing powerhouse. If the price of oil rises again the cost of shipping from factories in Asia would put them out of business. Trudeau’s multicultural vision could make Canada an economic powerhouse.

After the American  workers are deported to Mexico the same companies will take them to Canada where their skills will be put to work.

Where the Deportees come from: Read More>

Country of origin (January 2006)

Mexico 6,840,000 56%
Latin and Central America 3,000,000 24%
Asia 1,080,000 9%
Europe and Canada 720,000 6%
Rest of World 480,000 4%


Refugees enter Canada during Black History Month event – Escape Trump Policy

 A walk to commemorate the Underground Railroad during Black History Month became an opportunity for refugee families to escape the United States.


Like American owned slaves in the early 1800’s, refugees streamed across the border to safety in Canada

An event to commemorate the Underground Railroad of the 1800’s showed how things haven’t changed much. As participants walked the routes taken by slaves as they escaped their American owners, they were joined by hundreds of refugees. The refugees who used the event and snowstorms as cover to cross the border were fearful of the anti-Muslim policies that President Trump and his supporters are implementing.

The turnout was large despite snowstorms throughout the day.  The white-outs allowed refugees to slip into the crowd without drawing notice to their frostbitten fingers  and garbage bag luggage.

The refugees understand that the better times that Trump is bringing  America back to is the 1800’s when white men were in complete control of the country.  They are trying to get their families out while it is still safe for them.

Event organizers did not realize they were highlighting the great times in America that President Trump is trying to bring back.


Women and children bear the brunt of President Trump’s policies. Considering the recent atrocities they committed in Sweden, he must think they have it coming.