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Toronto City Council approves new slogan: Toronto the Middle of Somewhere!

Since the passing of Mayor Rob Ford Toronto has fallen off the world map. Now city councilors want to bring it back to prominence.

Toronto city slogan

Toronto is feeling left out this year. Vancouver is the king of real estate prices, Emerson has refugees, Montreal has it’s 375th anniversary party, but Toronto is needing a boost.So enterprising city councilors decided to start with some re-branding and passed a new slogan this week.

Toronto: the Middle of Somewhere!

City Councilors were looking for a hook to promote the city with they found options were lacking. “Our official slogan is “Diversity Our Strength”, but that is kind of boring, and Justin Trudeau has been using it to promote refugees.” 

‘Diversity is our strength’: Justin Trudeau says refugees are welcome in Canada

“We the North is great but it is taken by the Raptors, we wanted something for the city” “Some liked the big smoke, the 416, and TDot but these are more like nicknames and don’t appeal to everyone.”

Others wanted to do something around the lake, but we don’t really use it. We don’t swim or do much boating it’s more just to look at.”  “If we could change the name to Lake Toronto it would be better but we didn’t know who to talk to in the States to get approval.”

The breakthrough came when they were watching the news and a guy in Calgary referred to Toronto as the Center of The Universe.

“People who live here believe it, and love hearing it, but we though scientists might not like it”   

 “Then working on the same theme, we realized that whenever someone is leaving Toronto for a trip, whether they go to Pickering or Hamilton, or Milton people say: Peterborough  – that’s in the middle of nowhere!” 

“It’s true once you get north of Steeles it’s way out of the city in the middle of nowhere.”

‘So we turned it outside the box on it’s ear and thought – if we aren’t in the middle of nowhere – we must be somewhere, and if we are somewhere we would definitely be in the middle of it.   So that was it – Toronto: in the Middle of Somewhere.”