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GOP Healthcare plan includes coverage for TransRace surgery – will Trump end racism?

 Radical race tolerance groups believe that Transrace Operations will end Racism and  TrumpCare is financing it!

Trans Race Surgery Trump Healthcare
Though still underground TransRace Surgery could become very popular soon.

Transgender surgery is well known in popular culture bit soon it may be overshadowed by TransRace surgery. Michael Jackson was well known for his ethnic modification surgery that he undertook for personal reasons.

Now radical racial tolerance groups are trying to use surgery to blur the visible lines between ethnic groups thereby ending racism.

Trump Healthcare Supports TransRacial Surgery
President Donald Trump and his TrumpCare Bill could be the key to ending racism in America.

With approximately .03% of the American population as transgender it has been given relative mainstream acceptance in culture. While having debates about Gender Specific washrooms is not acceptance, it shows that it a mainstream issue not an underground subculture.

How the movement started:

During some of the Anti-police / race riots of 2016 various groups of people showed up with makeup to change their race image and see how police and others reacted. The results radicalized white people who went as African Americans.

They were shocked and outraged by how the police reacted to them with violence. Then  how the police covered up the treatment when they learned they were white. Since then they have been  promoting the blurring of visual race differences through makeup and ultimately through surgery.

With TransRace groups they are hoping that if they can get 1% of the population to switch their ethnicity through looks, they can have the same effect and be on the path to ending racism. The could have more impact if they can get some popular celebrities on board as Caitlyn Jenner did for transgender.

It is not clear that President Trump is on board with this type surgery rather another case where he did not look at the details before signing it.

Regardless Trump could help end racism in America.

Trump Trans Race Healthcare Coverage
Page from the TrumpCare Bill showing the TransRace coverage.