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Refugees enter Canada during Black History Month event – Escape Trump Policy

 A walk to commemorate the Underground Railroad during Black History Month became an opportunity for refugee families to escape the United States.


Like American owned slaves in the early 1800’s, refugees streamed across the border to safety in Canada

An event to commemorate the Underground Railroad of the 1800’s showed how things haven’t changed much. As participants walked the routes taken by slaves as they escaped their American owners, they were joined by hundreds of refugees. The refugees who used the event and snowstorms as cover to cross the border were fearful of the anti-Muslim policies that President Trump and his supporters are implementing.

The turnout was large despite snowstorms throughout the day.  The white-outs allowed refugees to slip into the crowd without drawing notice to their frostbitten fingers  and garbage bag luggage.

The refugees understand that the better times that Trump is bringing  America back to is the 1800’s when white men were in complete control of the country.  They are trying to get their families out while it is still safe for them.

Event organizers did not realize they were highlighting the great times in America that President Trump is trying to bring back.


Women and children bear the brunt of President Trump’s policies. Considering the recent atrocities they committed in Sweden, he must think they have it coming.