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White House Kitchen Staff Surprised President Trump likes their food!

After 2 weeks he hasn’t complained about the additives in his food

White House Kitchen staff won’t admit to rumors that they are spitting in President Trump’s food, but they are surprised at how much he likes the food.

White House Staff enjoy giving Trump payback for being so rude. They just can’t believe he doesn’t notice -especially the amount of “Chic Pea”

Obviously they can’t admit the special food additives bugs and phlegm to the President’s diet. Especially if they want to keep doing it and to keep their jobs. They are just having problems keeping it a secret because of the shock of him not noticing -they just keep talking about it.


Donald Trump was an early adopter of food additives

Members of the Press Core say they know the reason why – He has been eating spit in his food for years.

 “It’s been an inside joke in the Hospitality industry for years. Staff fight over the change to spit in or do other gross things to his meals.” “He has been eating shit in his food for so long that if he ate something without it would taste funny.”

Others added , “Trump hasn’t had a home cooked meal since the 1980’s so you can imagine how creative these Chefs have become” “But it took sick turn when the story broke about Trump with the Russian Hookers”  “He’s had every variety of “Chic Pea” if you know what I mean.”    \

Whether you like President Trump or not – You have to hope that he will hire a food taster soon.