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New Vancouver Trump Hotel Presidential Suite has custom Golden Showers, Locker rooms.

Donald Trump leveraged his presidential status to customize the new Vancouver Trump Hotel Presidential Suites. His first guests might be the best thing about it.

Vancouver Trump Presidential Suite: all the pleasures a creepy old guest would want- at his fingertips!

President Donald Trump is not one to miss a money making or ego boosting opportunity. Now he is leveraging his position as President in his hotel business. His goal is to own the Presidential Suite name worldwide, stops others from using it, and make a load of cash.

The Vancouver Trump Hotel was still under construction when President Trump was elected. He quickly upgraded the plans for the Presidential Suite to reflect his new status.


Trump added photos of himself and Ivanka to turn up the sexiness of master the bedroom 

New additions to the President’s customized suite include:


  • Golden Showers in the main bedroom bathroom
  • A customer locker room. Guests can be assured they can walk in at any time and surprise pretty young women getting undressed. They are experienced with creepy men who want to get a grip on things or engage in “locker Room Talk”.
    • (Ultra Right Wing guests can also role play their “Co-ed / Transgender washroom fantasies by sneaking in wearing women’s clothing and peep at women using the toilets.)   
  • Photos of Trump and his daughter Ivanka – she will be around longer than his wives so the photos will not have to be changed over time.
  • Staff that has personally worked with the President. Since KellyAnne Conway has stepped back from public appearances at the Whitehouse she has been seen working the doors at the main entrance of the hotel.

Presidential suites have been around since 1913 when President Wilson insisted on having certain things in his hotel rooms – like toilets. Luxury Hotels soon caught on that they could upgrade the services, charge ridiculous rates and people would pay. Generally the most expensive room in the hotel, top Presidential Suites cost tens of thousands of dollars. The art deco Presidential Suite at the Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes as much as $51,800 per night.

What is a Presidential Suite?

It must be south-facing in the Northern Hemisphere and north-facing in the Southern Hemisphere, containing an “en-suite” bathroom and walk-in closet (in Wilson’s era en-suite bathrooms were uncommon).  Read More>

Unfortunately in Donald Trump’s view the Presidential Suite did not get off to a good start. It is rumoured that the first guests were a queer married Hispanic couple from San Diego. They spent a week there “breaking in the suite” knowing that Trump would hate it.

It will be interesting to see if the suite  becomes a rich gay bucket list destination and how the Donald will deal with it. Heavy Vetting of Guests perhaps?

trump-hotel vancouver
The Trump Tower Hotel in Vancouver


Suites have exclusive access to many rooms and services to justify the premium ego trip for the guest.

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President trump’s dream would be to have the rights the name Presidential Suite