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Popeyes, Burger King sold to avoid Trump policies, to be run by Tim Horton’s in Canada

 The uncertainty of President Trump’s policies is causing American Fast food chains to bail out. Seeking economic and political stability outside America is their plan for future success.

Brazilian mega investor 3G Capital, is taking advantage of President Trump uncertainty to buy Popeyes and Burger King. Operations moving to Canada to be run by the Tim Horton’s coffee chain.  

Uncertainty over President Trump’s policies on corporate tax rates, International business relations, and immigration policies has left American businesses wide open for sale to foreign companies.

They are preparing to close American restaurants when Trump deports thousands of their employees and customers

Fast food chains Burger King and Popeyes are some of the first to go and have been purchased by 3G Capital of Brazil.   Both companies – major employers of new immigrants – have watched President Trump try to deport many of their staff and has put others under constant harassment.

His secrecy around his economic policies and restrictions on foreign expansion proved too risky for them. They quickly sold to 3G who will run them out of their Tim Horton’s Coffee business in Canada.

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This move will allow them to take advantage of lower Canadian corporate taxes and the political stability of Justine Trudeau’s Liberal government. They feel they have a better opportunity to manage any crises caused by Trump policies and continue to grow internationally. They are preparing to close American restaurants when  Trump deports thousands of their employees and customers.

After President Trump leaves office their international business will put them in a strong position to rebuild verses the companies that stay in America and try to weather the storm.