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Trudeau Admits Meeting with Khan was a Mistake

A Case of Mistaken Identity

The PM is taking heat over his recent trip to Bell Island a private retreat owned by the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the world’s 15 million Ismaili Muslims.

Their similar looks make Cumberbatch a shoe-in to play Trudeau in film


 Thought he was meeting with Benedict Cumberbatch

The trip is seen as a gift and a conflict of interest with the Aga Khan Foundation which receives tens of millions of dollars a year from the Canadian government for international development work.

Behind closed doors Trudeau admitted that he was completely shocked when he was greeted by the Aga Khan. He was expecting Benedict Cumberbatch the actor who played Khan in the Star Trek movie.

Trudeau – acting like Khan could improve his chances dealing with PE Trump

With Trudeau’s good looks and popularity there are plans to make a movie about his adventures. It is well known that Trudeau wants Cumberbatch to play him in the movie, he thought he was going to share tips about himself in person.

Trudeau was also looking for tips on how to play Khan’s character. A proactive move for when he meets with PE Donald Trump.

Trudeau as Khan and Cumberbatch in street clothes show more common looks between the two.

It was an easy mistake as Cumberbatch is tired of fans misspelling his name to make “Cumberpuns” (Cumberlord, Cumbersex, Cumberlove) is now referred to as Khan by his friends.

Trudeau suggested that the Aga Khan is an okay guy but hanging out with his dad’s friends isn’t his idea of a great vacation. On the up side he expressed and interest in financing the film. It is a private deal so there would be no conflict of interest.

We expect Chaka Khan will be getting a PM visit during spring break


Sarah Silverman Fired from Trump Team

Sarah Silverman an expert at racism, sexism, religion and social media was appointed as President Elect Trump’s Press Secretary, then almost immediately dropped after her first official tweet.

Fans of Silverman Hope she used a Government phone for her official Tweet

Silverman released 1 official tweet and then was pulled from her position under Trump. There is no official word on what happened but speculation is rampant.

Insiders say calling Trump pussy would have gone to far – implying he often groped himself without consent

“Silverman’s appointment was a big mistake” says one Trump insider “We had evaluated every CEO trump knew and they all came up short. Not one had a secretary or intern who could fit a Presidential Press release into a 140 character tweet.” They were stumped.

No one suspected she actually was one of them she hides it well

 “Then Donald told us to hire “Silverman”.” It wasn’t until after we hired Sarah that Ivanka explained he meant his retired golfing buddy @Silver_man1944.”

Fox News Reported that the issue was about religion. “They knew she was Jewish but they thought it meant she was like a Jew – you know Jew-ish. No one suspected she actually was one of them. She never seems to be obsessed with money, she really hides it well.” They said.

The Fox pundits agreed “It was clear she had to go – The cabinet is perfectly balanced with rich, older, businessmen. Adding a woman from a foreign religious group would have annoyed them.”

 Unlike Trump, Millennials have a thing for older women

CNN reports that Trump hired Silverman because of her support during the election. He loved her speech at the DNC telling Democrats they were being ridiculous.


Silverman Leading an “Aunty Trump” Rally

Leading the whole “Aunty Trump” movement was another Trump like. Unlike Trump, Millennials have a thing for older women.  If their mother’s hot, cool, hip, sister tells them to change their vote they will.

The hugest reason for the appointment though, was when Silverman compared Trump to Hitler. Trump has stated privately that his political style is based on Hitler, and if they ever met they would have a huge Bromance. He has was touched that she saw how close Trump and Hitler really are.

Sources close to Trump say he could not live with the tweet stating: “tweeting at night is terrifically unprofessional and should never ever be done.

Also like my wife said in her amazingly original speech “Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough” It‘s just not acceptable to call someone big, fat and smelly even if they are a cunt.“ So I called Sarah and explained that: effective immediately she will be asked to step down from her position as Press Secretary on my governing team and will no longer be working for us.


If Trump is the Orange Anus could Silverman’s Tweet be announcing that Trump is the first Trans American President?

Those close to Silverman say she never aware of Trumps proposition. The timing coincided with her launching new social media platform – StarTwit.

Similar to the Uber and AirBNB concepts, stars with humongous twitter followings can rent their account to normal people. Rent by the day, hour, even by the tweet and experience feeling that you are the center of the universe. Silverman said she came up with the idea stating “If Twitter isn’t bothering to make money on tweets then I might as well.”

 Could StarTwit kick off a social media rental boom?

Celebrities, Professional Athletes and politicians are hugely excited about StarTwit.  Many have had issues where their twitter accounts were “hacked” and controversial tweets were released. Now they have an excuse and don’t have to keep changing their password.

Silverman’s press agent would not speak on the record about the details. They just commented “We all know that Sarah is constantly doing things that are funny but she would never do something this funny.”trump

Silverman herself is not available to comment on the kerfuffle as she is currently on a private script writing retreat.    She is working on a script with the working title:

Orange Anus or Big Fat Smelly Cunt – Inside story of the President of the Hole World….    



Trump Maps plan to Drain The Swamp

Following through on another election promise, the Trump Team has been working hard on simplifying the puzzle palace that is Washington.

 Paying  50 politicians to do the same job does not make sense

Team insiders with strong business experience want to downsize the number of politicians. “We have politicians from 50 states and their staff who are doing the same job and it does not make sense. Washington is not a state so losing jobs there won’t count, but the money saved will.

13 mainland state groups and 1 foreign group will save America Millions

They will organize the states into 14 groups. This could reduce government legislation costs by as much as 70% and cut through miles of bureaucratic red tape.

 Draining the Swamp in Washington will help kick illegals out of the country

The saved money will help move illegals back to Mexico. Their jobs will go to hard working Americans. This plan will double down on Draining the Swamp and making America Strong again. The fun part will be contests on twitter for naming the new state groups – Texasippi has a very nice ring to it.

Truth Behind Trudeau’s Meeting with Chinese Investors Build a wall against Trump’s USA

 Canadian government insiders reveal the real reason for P.M. Trudeau’s recent meetings with Chinese business leaders – they are selling him a copy of The Great Wall of China.


Chinese business leaders presenting the P.M. with a model of the Great Wall project

 It’s not a scam on the original wall, but a molded prefab replica built on the Canada US Border. It will mirror the one to be built on the Mexico US Border – La Gran Muralla. 

 Partnering with Mexico’s La Gran Muralla project will reduce Canada’s costs

  China is doubling down on their expertise in product knock-offs: they’re replicating their own Great Wall. Their plan uses molds cast live on the Great wall which will make building replicas cheap. Mexico has already agreed to build one so there could be considerable cost savings if Canada uses the same molds. (see Mexico’s plan)

 Crowd sourcing a wall……. Tolls on the Border

 The Mexican project is financed by China and will be paid off through tourism and sponsorship activities. Canada will take a multi level approach to paying for it: Crowd Sourcing, Private Investment,  Tolls and Tax Revenues.  

 Crowd Sourcing for a wall on the Canada US border was posted during the US election. Fears of Donald Trump’s foreign policies motivated a group to build a protective border wall. For a large donation people would have a visual space on the wall where they could place photos, ads, messages. When Google Maps confirmed they could film the wall for their “street view” on maps the donations poured in. These donations could be honored and included in the new plan.

 Oil companies will heavily invest in a private transportation source for crude oil 

 Building with molds means the inside of the wall could be empty – a virtual coast to coast tunnel.  Large oil companies are very interested as they could build inner rail lines or a pipeline to transport their crude privately. This would give them the freedom to save a lot of money verses traditional pipelines.

The project already has a catchy name – The Bords

 Government insiders say the rest of the money will come from charging tolls at all border crossings and general tax revenues. They propose that the economic boom created by the wall construction will offset the money spent on the wall.

The biggest issue is what will the wall be called. An early favorite plays on the border and a hockey theme – The Bords.





China Snubs Trump – Declares Clinton Election Winner

After President Elect Trump’s refusal to back down after recognizing Taiwan as a country China has fought back.

Newspapers Declare Clinton the Election Winner

They are formally declaring Hillary Clinton as the true winner of the election because she won the overall popular vote. While Clinton has met with Chinese diplomats over the announcement, it is not clear where this issue will go next. P.E. Trump has not yet tweeted his response.

China uses Clinton to get back at Trump over Taiwan

China, Mexico turn the tables on Trump’s border wall idea

   China has made Mexico an offer it can’t refuse – build a wall on the border with USA and profit from it.


Recent photos from China reveal they are making molds of the Great Wall of China. The molds will allow them to build Mexico a knock-off wall in a fraction of the costs and time as the original.

China is taking live molds from the Great Wall
Testing of the final construction techniques have already begun

  China has a long history of counterfeiting things from the west. Now it will be copying its own Great Wall and make a fortune – at America’s expense

The  cost saving plan is to fill the inside with trash, stones, and sand, whatever is handy and free for the taking. Then cover it with molded concrete to give the famous “Great Wall” look.  They predict this wall will attract huge tourist dollars (Pesos) as it is more accessible than the one in China.

The money making plan is to sell advertising and naming rights to the wall. Some of the worlds biggest companies are scrambling to get naming rights, and buy advertising.  The world’s biggest billboard will be visible from from space.

La Gran Muralla is just one piece of a developing China / Mexico Partnership

China, Mexico to deepen comprehensive strategic partnership

…. the two sides to make full use of their complementary advantages, align China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and innovation-driven development with Mexico’s structural reform, and strengthen cooperation in industrial investment, infrastructure, special economic zones, finance, telecommunications, new energy, geo-spacial information and nano technology.

 The two sides should facilitate people-to-people exchanges, keep close communication in major international and regional issues, Xi said, expecting Mexico to display its regional influence in advancing China-Latin America relations and building the Forum of China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). READ MORE:

Hosting the Summer Olympics could provide a windfall in the $ billions for the new Mexican wall  – La Gran Muralla.

The wall would immediately become the largest event venue in the world. It will attract sporting events including cycling and auto racing, marathons concerts, and festivals.

There is even talk of holding the Olympic Summer  Games. This alone would draw revenues in the $ billions. There will be an construction boom in Mexico with hotels, restaurants and shopping centers being built to support the wall activities. They estimate that the 2000 mile wall will generate at least $200,000 per mile yearly based on sponsorship and user fees – not including the major events like world cup of soccer and Formula 1 Racing.


The 2,000 mile wall will be the largest event revenue generator in the world

How does Mexico make Trump pay the price? By pulling their labor out of America!

 Using molds and collecting non-traditional building materials allows the wall to be built with more labor than technology.

With initial financing from China, Mexican Government officials believe they can attract some of the millions of Mexicans currently laboring in America with the promise of long term employment with training, fair pay and benefits. This could cripple the American fruit and vegetable harvest which will directly benefit Mexico’s producers.

China also plans on sending over Chinese laborers to get a “western education” while they work on the wall. Mexico will develop as tourist attraction for Chinese tourists. They will control a large part of the business around the wall and gain a large foothold in North America.

 Using molds in the construction process means China could replicate their Great Wall  design in many locations.

While the wall is expected to pay for itself over the long term – they are doubling down to hard sell Canada on a discounted wall using the same molds. The really huge benefit to China is the economic advantage over America. While America is closing its borders and dealing with the consequences, China is making profitable investments and partnerships worldwide. America may never catch up.

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