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Trump Sex Tapes – Russia Says They Are Destroyed

 Whether or not you believed the BuzzFeed reports about the Trump Sex Tapes the Russians have, it is irrelevant now.

Russia says  they no longer have any Sex Tapes of Donald Trump made while he was in Moscow. They claim to have deleted and destroyed all of the evidence. They did not give a reason for this but there is a lot of speculation.

Sex Tapes are Incredibly Huge in Russia

Many  on team Trump say it proves that the Russians never had the sex tapes, it was all an incredible lie.

 Many others follow Rosie O’Donnell’s viewpoint

Washington insiders say it is a peace offering – Trump the businessman could be blackmailed – they want a good relationship with Trump the President.

Many others follow Rosie O’Donnell’s viewpoint – that Donald Trump Sex tapes are too gross to even imagine, let alone watch. Russian media states that Russian intelligence agents are still speechless on the subject.