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Trump to Offer Green Cards to Canadians and Brits

Once Donald Trump becomes President he will be deporting millions of illegal aliens. He plans on replacing them with white folks from Canada and Great Britain.

Many Canadians head south for winter vacations, now they can stay all year

Deporting millions of illegal American Mexicans and Muslims will leave a vacuum of workers in certain sectors of the U.S. economy. Picking fruits and vegetables, gardening,

Most Canadians speak French they will want manual jobs

working in kitchens, these people provided cheap labor that Americans won’t provide.

  Millions of Canadians will be offered Green Cards and Jobs

The thought is that most of this work is done in the warm southern states and California so Canadians will do the work in exchange for skipping winter. They also will get paid in US currency which is worth more than Canadian money. The British can avoid the foggy rainy weather and having good dentists will be an added benefit.

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Deporting unwanted minorities will create vacancies in jobs Americans won’t do

A trump team insider stated “Canadians don’t use guns so the stats for gun use will go down positively without having to change any regulations. There is also an issue in these states where minorities are now outnumbering the majority. This is nonsensical¬† mathematically so a few million Canadian folks will hugely fix this”.

They expect to start giving out the Green cards in time for the spring planting with millions in place by fall harvest. Tim Horton’s is already seeking franchisees in the southern states.